How do I add a Client?

To add a Client to your Agency account:

  1. Go to the "Clients" tab

  2. Click on the Client Level
  3. Click the '+ New Client' button and fill in the appropriate information

  4. Save.




Once the information is filled and saved, you will be able to see your new client under the Client drop-down menu.

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    Paul Crimes

    there is no "new client" button under Account/DashBoard/List-of-clients as per attached

    is this because i am on the free plan?

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    Naomi Hauser

    Hi Paul, 

    Yes, you are correct. Free plans do not have the option to create "clients". This is something that is reserved for the premium "Agency" plan. Under the Agency plan, you can create multiple "clients" or "domain names" that will allow you to organize your campaigns. If you wish to separate out multiple accounts or domains so that they are not all under one adCore account, creating adCore "clients" is the solution. 

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    Hi. I have an agency trial account but there's no client tab and I can't see any logical place to do it.

    Are these instructions outdated?


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    Naomi Hauser

    Hi Peter, 

    The instructions are still correct. The 'Trial' version of the Agency account does not include this feature. As I mentioned in my post above, it is only available to the premium level of the Agency plan. 

    Sorry for the confusion. 

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