Improving your overall ROI (return-on-investment)

To improve your overall ROI, it is important to focus on your ads, keywords and placements to attract the right audience. It is also very important to focus on your website and make sure that the landing pages and overall  website design are set up to let users find what your ad offers.

In addition, you must make sure to organize your account for maximum effectiveness, as a well-structured account is easy to manage and allows you to effectively target your audience.

Make sure to:

Organize your campaigns by topic
Create separate campaigns for each of your product lines, resources, or brands. This helps you monitor your advertising more easily and make the necessary adjustments to improve your campaign performance. Ask yourself what you want to achieve with each campaign, then structure your campaign based on this goal.

Target the right languages and locations 
For each campaign, you can choose to target your ads to particular languages and locations (plus choose your budget and other settings). Be sure to target only the languages and locations that are relevant for your business. For example, if you ship your products to locations within a certain distance of your business, target the country, territory, region, or city related to the area, instead of to 'All Countries.' 

Create highly specific ad groups
As with your campaigns, each ad group should center on a single product or service to ensure your ads reach the most qualified users. Build a list of keywords or placements, then separate them into related ad groups. Create ads that pertain directly to that list. For example, if you sell mp3 players, and you've organized your campaigns by brand, create multiple ad groups based on the models of each brand.

Avoid duplicate keywords across ad groups
Only one ad per advertiser is shown on a particular keyword, so there's no need to include duplicate keywords in different ad groups or campaigns. Identical keywords compete against each other, and the better-performing keyword triggers your ad.


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