Improving your Ad performance

The content of your ads should capture users' attention and set your business apart. 

Include keywords in your ad text (for keyword-targeted ads)
It is important to include your keywords in your ad text (especially the title) to show users that your ad relates to their search. If your ad shows when a user searches on a keyword in your ad group, the keyword will appear in bold in your ad text, and raise the quality score of both the ad and the keyword. Also, users tend to search for products and services, so avoid using your company name in the ad title unless your goal is brand/company name recognition. 

Create simple, enticing ads
What makes your product or service stand out from your competitors? Highlight these key differentiating points in your ad. Be sure to describe any unique features or promotions you offer. 

Use a strong call-to-action 
Your ad should convey a call-to-action along with the benefits of your product or service. A call-to-action encourages users to click on your ad and ensures they understand exactly what you expect them to do when they reach your landing page. Some examples of call-to-action phrases are Buy, Sell, Order, Browse, Sign up, and Get a Quote. 

Test multiple ads in each ad group 
Experiment with different offers and call-to-action phrases to see what's most effective for your advertising goals.

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