Validation Error: Ad-Groups count exceeded 1000

An easy way to avoid this error when submitting feeds to campaigns is to use the Feed Filter Options combined with the Automatic Submit Feature. 

I have about 10,000 keywords per feed creating 10,000 AdGroups.  This exceeds the Google API limit of 1000 AdGroups per submission.

In order to skirt this issue I set the Feed Filter at 1 - 1000 on the first day. Then after the first automatic submission I change the value by 1000 (1000 - 2000, 2000 - 3000 etc.) on each subsequent day for 10 days till all the keywords in the feed have been submitted and all the AdGroups have been created.

Works for me. 

Error Description:

Ad-Groups count exceeded 1000

Either split the XML or reduce the number of combinations under Campaigns > Submit > Submission Dashboard > Ads and/or Keywords.

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