Feed Editing: Beginner's Guide

Feeditor – Feed Editor

Step 1. Upload a feed

1. Copy and paste the feed URL in the bar

2. Click on Go

3. Your feed is uploaded

Step 2. Filter your feed (optional)

Filtering your feed allows you to keep include ONLY certain fields

1. Click on the filter icon

2. Choose the type of filter you want to apply



  • Equals or Does Not Equal

Enter an exact value to be included or excluded

  • Begins, ends with, contains or does not contains

Enter a value in a phrase

  • Values List

Enter bulk exact values

  • Duplicates

Keep Minimum or Maximum of duplicate values

  • Length

Keep field with a certain limit of words or characters


Step 3. Edit your feed

Editing your feed allows you modify the feed to extract only the information necessary to build a dynamic campaign:

1. Click on the edit icon

2. Choose the type of edit you want to apply



  • Add Category

Allows you to choose a Google Product Category from the Google Taxonomy (available in NL, EN, FR)

  • Change Capitalization

Change capitalization of the phrase

  • Change Text

Add any string to the phrase (To the right, left, overwrite)

  • Copy Column

Duplicate a column value to this column


  • Extend

Divide a string based on a delimiter (numerical or any substring) and create a new row. Example:
•    Row1= Value1>value2
•    Function


Row1= Value1

  • Extract

Extract any sub-string from a phrase by delimiter and cell index position. The function will delete all the information after or before the string (depending on the index position)



  • Extract Number

Remove any text from a phrase and keep just the numbers

  • Generate auto id

Create a unique number ID based on distinct text column

  • Group By

Add, subtract, multiply or divide values from different rows based on the same group
Example: Add all the values of the cells of Brand A – The system will add all the numerical values of all the cells that are linked by the same brand

  • Math

Create addition, subtraction, multiplication or division with numerical values within the same column

  • Remove Weights & Dimensions

Remove all words that start with a number and end with text. Example: 22kg, 13oz, 2inch, 440cm.

  • Select Sub-string

Extract specific sub-string from within the phrase

  • Select word

Extract specific words from within the phrase



  • URL Coding

Encode or decode URL


Add a condition
For each function, you can add a condition so the rule is not applied to all the product



Choose the column from your feed to filter your rule



Add text XXX to the right only for the brand named A



Allows you to see the distinct values of a column
1.    Click on the stats icon  
2.    See all the Distinct values in the column
3.    Download the list in an Excel file



Column Management

  • Add a new Column

The column will be added at the end of your feed



  • Show or Hide column

The column will be shown or hidden once you publish your feed



  • View column

Will show all columns or will remove the one that were hidden


Step 4. Publish your feed

1.    Click on Publish
2.    Select your Agency and your Client
3.    Choose your feed Format (XML, Jason, Original, Tab-delimited)
Choose your XML format – The XML format is used by default, if you feed need to be pushed to Google Merchant then select Google Merchant
4.    Give a name to your feed and save



Create a new feed based on an existing edited feed

Allows to use all the editing from a previous feed for another category and a new name
Click on new project and it will create a new feed URL to be used for a new campaign



Feeditor – Feed Manager

The feed manager compiles all the feeds that were created and published




  • List of all the feed that were created
  • Upload new feed ( ), even if not edited with Feeditor
  • Remove Feeds
  • Free search bar


Feeditor – Feed Submission (for Shopping Feed)

Push a feed to a merchant center



Step 1. Add a shopping

1.    Click on +Shopping Feed
2.    Choose the Shopping Engine (Feeditor supports all the shopping engine)
3.    Enter the credential of the FTP
*The feed can be submitted ONLY via FTP
*The name of the feed entered should be the EXACT same name of the feed on the FTP
4.    Save



Step 2. Run your feed live

Once the shopping feed is added, a new row is created



Run your feed Live - If the run was successful, the status will be GOOD


Schedule your run








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