How can I add Keywords from my Search Terms?

This is how you can add/exclude Keywords from your Search Terms in Adcore

In the Search Terms tab, you will have the “Add/Exclud” option. 

First, filter your data.

1. Create your filter:

For example: You wish to add to your Keywords the Search Terms that gained more than 50 conversions.  Create your filter: 

After saving the filter, click on the "Added/Excluded" button > Add as a Keyword.

Select your match type, Keywords bid, final URL and relevant ad group.

NOTE: You can also leave the default settings, which will apply the same settings from the Keyword that it was triggered by.

You can select your relevant ad group by typing (choose the campaign and then the ad group):

2. - Exclude Search Terms (Add excluded search terms to negative keywords)

For example, you wish to add as negative keywords the Search Terms that gained less then 10 clicks.

Filter your clicks:

After saving the filter, click on the "Added/Excluded" button > Exclude search terms

Choose between Campaign or Ad group level and the desired match type:

Don't forget to Save, (and then Export).