How do I activate Adcore’s bid management?

This article will guide you on the steps to activate Adcore's bid management

Adcore developed its bid management to adjust bids on KWs and device levels.
It is recommended to use Adcore bid management with Google’s e-CPC.

  • Suitable only for Search & Shopping campaigns.
  • Available only for tCPA.
  • Requires a min. of 10 conversions in the last year (Must have conversion tracking).
  • Not so sensitive to changes in budget or creatives.
  • Is fully transparent, you can track the bid adjustments on the change history tab in Google.

NOTE: If your campaign has active smart bidding from Google, and you are happy with the results – do not change it.
Adcore’s bid management was created to help smaller campaigns automate, and once they gain enough conv. and are stable, we recommend switching over to Google smart bidding.

The bid management is available under the Goal column:

To activate it, click anywhere in the white square for the relevant campaigns.

  • Google e-CPC along with Adcore’s algorithm is optional. This is the only bidding strategy you could combine.
  • Goal Value – Insert a value that is 10%-15% higher than your current CPA.
  • Upper bid limit/Max CPC – Whatever you feel comfortable with. However, from experience, we do not want to “choke” the algorithm by giving it a narrow max CPC to work with. We recommend placing 3X avg. CPC.

    Click Save and turn on the switch to green:

    Now the bid management is activated. You can track the bid adjustments in the Change history tab in Google Ads.