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How do I create a Dynamic Shopping Campaign from Adcore?

This is how you can set up a dynamic Shopping campaign from Adcore to Google Ads

Under the Products tab, create a new Shopping campaign by clicking +Product:

  1. Choose the feed/feed view you wish to build your new campaign from;
  2. Give your new campaign a name (possible to use a dynamic value if you wish to create multiple campaigns);
  3. Define the campaign Budget;
  4. Choose a previous shopping campaign to Load settings from such as location, language etc. In case this is your first shopping campaign, you will need to create a shopping campaign from Google Ads first. 
  5. Enter your Google Merchant ID;
  6. Choose a language and a country according to your feed. In case you wish to use “google product category” as a dynamic variable, choose the language of this column in the feed.
  7. Define your ad group and its bids
  8. Choose your campaign sync options (we recommend using full sync);
  9. Sub divide: Your Ad group parameter will always appear as the first sub divide. Choose the ID sub divide in order to add your products to the campaign. 
  10. Click Save. Set a View name, Save and Execute.

From Publish > Execute/Schedule task, you could set up a scheduled updates to your campaign: 

Execute will run this action once.

Scheduling a task will allow the campaign to update in your selected time frame.