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How do I create a Dynamic Shopping Campaign from Adcore?

This is how you can set up a dynamic Shopping campaign from Adcore to Google Ads

  1. Under the Products tab, create a new Shopping campaign by clicking Add Product.
    Choose the feed/feed view you wish to build your new campaign from;
  2. Give your new campaign a name (possible to use a dynamic value if you wish to create multiple campaigns);
  3. Define the campaign Budget;
  4. Choose a previous shopping campaign to Load settings from such as location, language etc. In case this is your first shopping campaign, you will need to create a shopping campaign from Google Ads first. 
  5. Enter your Google Merchant ID;
  6. Choose a language and a country according to your feed. In case you wish to use “google product category” as a dynamic variable, choose the language of this column in the feed.

  7. Define your ad group and its bids
  8. Choose your campaign sync options (we recommend using full sync);
  9. Sub divide: Your Ad group parameter will always appear as the first sub divide. Choose the ID sub divide in order to add your products to the campaign. 

  10. Click Update and Export.

From Export, you can set up scheduled updates to your campaign: