How do I customize reports?

This article will explain you how to create customized reports with notification to your or your client's email.

After creating your desired dashboard, with Charts, Filters, actions, etc, you will need to save the dashboard as a “view” and then scheduling the email notification.

From the upper panel, click Views > Save:

Give the view a name > Save:

While you are on the view you created, click Publish > Schedule notification:

Example: you would like to receive a notification on the campaign level, for all campaigns with a CR% of under 5%. Follow the steps:

  1. Create your desired filter. Head over to the CR column and filter all campaigns under less 5% and click Save.

After creating your filter, head over to the Publish > Schedule a notification:

First, you will need to save as a view. Give your view a name you will remember.

Insert and name and click save.

Schedule a notification; Insert as many email as you wish with a delimiter of ; and select the desired time to receive the notification.

Click Save.