How do I set automated reports?

The article will explain hoe to activate the Reports Center

From the Reports tab, you have 4 different options for account level automated reports.

In order to activate them, click on the upper-right switch that will turn the light to Blue and insert your settings. 

Account analysis - You will receive a random component from our Analyze dashboard on a weekly/monthly basis, by your choosing. 

Performance reports - This report will show you the account's KPIs, Conversions & CPA trends, and the account's metrics summary.

Alerts - Set the scenario you wish to be alerted for and stay updated in case any unusual/unwanted changes occur in the account. 

Milestones - Created in order to communicate your client good news. Set the scenario you wish to celebrate and include your clients in the email list. 

NOTE: the"Example" next to each report will showcase the report's format. The view cannot be customized.