How to upload a new feed to Feeditor?

This is how you can upload a new feed into Feeditor.

There are several ways to upload a feed, via URL, file or text input.

From the left toolbar, Scroll down to the Feeds sections and click on the 3 dots icon:

Choose your format (URL, file, text input): 

Import URL - Put in the feed URL and name it; this method allows you to work with a dynamic product feed that will be synced with latest updates.

Import File -

  • Select your file’s format and click choose file to upload it from your computer.
  • Name it and click save.
  • Use this method when you are interested in working with a static product feed.
    Note that this feed will not be synced with client’s updates.

Import Text input - Select the file's format, and copy paste the text into the “text data” box. Name the feed and Save: 

 NOTE: We recommend working with a dynamic URL, as it will be updated with the latest updates. 

Watch this video to learn how to add a new feed:

Upload New Feed