How to add Google Product Category?

Use this if you don't have yet categories set for your products, or to improve your existing product categories.

Step 1: click on "+Product Categories" button:

Step 2: choose between Default Settings and Advanced Settings:

Default Settings: Categorize based on the title (+description columns).

Advanced Settings:  

Data Columns: Which columns to use for the data to predict categories

Top Category: Select if the entire feed has just one base category, e.g. Health & Beauty.

Category level: How many category levels will be included. e.g. if 2 is selected: Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry


Step 3: click "Apply". 

"Clear" will remove the action.

Now a new column named "Google Product Category" is added to your feed view.

How to change the columns order? (Drag & Drop)


Don't forget to save!