How can I download my feed from Feeditor?

This is how you can download a feed and convert it to an Excel file

There 2 options that allow opening your feed in Excel:

The first optionYou can download your feed by exporting a CSV file URL and opening it in Excel.

  1. Export > Get Link > Choose a CSV format > Click on Copy, and paste the link into any browser.

  2. Right click your mouse and press “save as”;
  3. Give your file a desired name and save it with “.CSV” ending ;
  4. Open it as a regular excel sheet.

The second optionCopy past the URL of the feed as CSV, same as described in the first option.

Open Excel. Go to Data > From Web:

Drop your URL from Feeditor. Click Ok:

Choose Connect:

Wait while its connecting:

Click Load:

And your feed should open in the excel sheet.