What are Effortless Points?

This articles will explain about Effortless Points and how to use them

What are Effortless Points?

Effortless Points are earned by automating tasks, sharing reviews or referring friends to Adcore Marketing Cloud. Every 200 tasks you will earn you 1 Effortless Point, writing a review will earn you 5 points, and referring a friend who signs with AMC will grant you 25 points.

New users are automatically gifted with 10 Effortless Points.

You can redeem your points in our store for a variety of gifts like socks, backpack and even an apple watch. 

How can I know how many Effortless Points I have?

The Effortless Points counter can be found at the bottom left corner of every screen in Adcore Marketing Cloud. 

By clicking "learn more" you can see a selection of prizes you can redeem for points.

click "View all" to go to our store and select your prize