What do the different alerts mean?

This article will go over the different alert types you might encounter when using Alerter

Alerter features a variety of alerts for different asset types. In the following table you can read a detailed explanation of the alerts -

Asset type



 Google Merchant   Center

 Account suspended

 Your account has been suspended

 Google Merchant   Center

 Disapproved items

 Your account has X% disapproved items

 Google Ads   /Microsoft Ads

 Daily spend drop by X%

 Your account spend dropped by X%

 Google Ads   /Microsoft Ads

 New user added

 A new user was added to your account 

 Google Ads   /Microsoft Ads

 Disapproved ads

 Your account has new disapproved ads

 Google Ads   /Microsoft Ads

 Conversion rate drop

 Your account's conversion rate has   dropped by X% over the last X days

 Google Ads   /Microsoft Ads

 Budget over/under spend

 Your account's monthly budget pace is   X% compared to your monthly budget   goal

 Google Ads   /Microsoft Ads   shopping campaign

 Daily PMax spend drop
 by X%

 Your account PMax campaigns spend   dropped by X%

 Microsoft Ads

 Billing suspended /   overdue

 Your account billing is on hold


 Low quality ads

 Your account has low quality ads

 Product feed

 Feed is down

 Your product feed is down


 Website is down

 Your domain is down


 SSL has expired

 Your domain is insecure, the SSL   certificate has expired