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What does the Efficiency section in the Analyze dashboard show me?

This article will explain the Efficiency section in SEMdoc Analyze dashboard

The Efficiency is split to 3 sections. 

1. Waste Ratio - showcased our "Yearly Waste" for:

  • Over Bidding - High CPA Keywords (higher at least by 10%)
  • Low Quality Score - We are paying more per click for Keywords with a quality score of under 5. 
  • Zero conversions - The cost of Keywords that are not converting for us.
  • Search Terms - The cost of Search Terms that are not converting for us.

NOTE: Each section in the Waste Ratio is clickable, and you can view the list of the relevant Keywords.

2. Touch Ration - Displays the conversions breakdown per campaign type. 

3. Stagnation Ratio - Make sure that you add new campaign, ads and Keywords to the account (if relevant). 

NOTE: you can change the priority of each section in the settings icon, in case not relevant to the account. After adjusting priority, the dashboard will re-calculate its information.