What does Alerter Forecast do?

In this article you will learn about the functionality of Forecast

Forecast is a part of AMC`s Alerter. By predicting how the rest of the day, week or month will be based on previous performance, Forecast users can make data-driven adjustments in real-time.

Activate Forecast-

To activate Forecast, click the toggle located at the top right of the dashboard 

Another way to activate Forecast is by setting monthly goals. Simply click on "goals" at the top right of the dashboard. It's worth noting that all fields are optional, so you can adjust the values later as needed

Forecast`s features-

  1. Weekly Forecast:
    Get a snapshot of your expected performance for the week ahead. Select between cost, value, or conversions to view data for your Weekly forecast.
  2. Daily Forecast:
    Dive into daily predictions to stay ahead of your campaign goals. Select between cost, value, or conversions to view data for your Daily forecast, and compare it with that of the previous day.
  3. Yesterday's Performance:
    Track cost, value, CPA, and ROAS for a comprehensive overview of the previous day, based on the monthly goals you have set.
  4. Today's CTR:
    Keep an eye on today's Click-Through Rate for real-time campaign analysis.
  5. Today's Cost Pacing:
    Stay on top of your daily spending with real-time pacing insights.
  6. Monthly Cost Pacing:
    Plan and monitor your monthly budget effectively.
  7. Late Conversions:
    Identify and analyze late conversions for a complete performance picture.