What is Feed Health Check?

This article will explain to you what Health Check offers and how to use it

Feed Health Check allows you to get a comprehensive report highlighting any feed errors that can be easily addressed, and delivers it straight to your email.

The report will provide a detailed analysis of the errors found in your feed, including the specific types of errors and the number of occurrences for each type. Additionally, it will provide an example taken directly from your feed. This valuable information will enable you to make necessary edits to improve the overall health of your feed.

The types of errors include basic information check (e.g. missing titles or invalid image URLs), content quality checks (e.g. title doesn`t contain brand), category mapping checks (e.g. use of non-standard category names), and checks related to price, shipping and tax, 

To apply feed Health Check, click on the "health check" icon located on Feeditor`s top toolbar > enter the email address you want to receive the report > Order report