How can I apply mathematical actions in Feeditor?

This article will present the available mathematical actions in Feeditor

Before you begin

Make sure to over the column type to Number.

Math Actions for Numerical columns


Create mathematical actions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division with numerical values within the same column or write an Expression to calculate across columns.

To create a simple calculation:

  • Choose your preferred action.
  • Write a value and save.


Expression allows us to create calculations across columns or combine values in one column and write any mathematical equations of our choosing.

To write an expression:

  • Go to Math.
  • Choose “Expression”.
  • Enter the mathematical expression you want to have – when choosing a column to take information from, surround the column name with curly brackets {___}.
  • Make sure to write the column name exactly like in your feed heading (to have the exact name, choose “Rename” from the drop-down menu, copy, and paste into the brackets).


NOTE: If you change the filed name, use the ORIGINAL FIELD NAME before the change in the expression.


This function allows you to round up numbers.

To round up the entire numbers to the nearest round number, choose “0”:

To round up the first number that comes after the decimal point, choose “1”: