What are the Adcore Marketing Cloud tasks?

This article will present the Adcore Marketing Cloud tasks

Adcore Marketing Cloud pricing model is based on the number of user licenses and the number of marketing automation tasks set by you.

What are tasks?

A marketing automation task is counted every time the Adcore Marketing Cloud takes an action for you. Adcore Marketing Cloud tasks include the following:


Feed version call.

For example, a feed version created for Google Shopping and scheduled to run every 6 hours, will use 4 tasks a day, a total of 120 tasks a month.


Dynamic search campaign run for Microsoft Ads


  1. Audit report call 
  2. Monitor activation of: alerts, audit, account performance, account records and website or feed uptime. 

For example monitoring activation for website alert and account performance it will use 2 tasks a day, a total of 60 tasks a month.

Effortless Marketing:

1.  Feed call 

For example, a feed link which was used for Facebook and scheduled to run every 24 hours, will use 1 task a day, a total of 30 tasks a month.

2.   Campaign creation 


How can I monitor my tasks usage?

The number of tasks you need depends on the number of feeds and campaigns that you execute via Adcore Marketing Cloud, and how frequently you execute them. 

For example: 

If you have 2 feeds that should be updated once a day in 2 different channels, you will need 120 tasks per month (2 feeds X 2 channels X 1 time a day X 30 days = 120).


Can I add more tasks to my plan?

If you're running out of tasks, you can always add more tasks to your current plan.